I have never danced tango before. I have two left feet!

If you have two left feet, we have lots of right feet.  Come to the class and we will do a swap :)
Seriously, the class is for absolute beginners as well as those who simply want to practice the basics and get better.  Regardless of your experience you are welcome to attend classes and join in.

On your very first class, if you have not done any Tango before, we may give you some basic exercises to do.  This will include, learning the basics of leading and following.  The following week you are welcome to join the main class with the rest of our beginners.

Footwear FAQs

What shoes should I wear?

Your shoes should not stick to the floor (i.e. no trainers), they should support your foot and ankle properly (i.e. no flip-flops).  A pair of dance shoes with either a suede or leather sole is ideal.

Can I wear my ballroom dancing shoes?


Can I wear heels?

Yes, you can as long as you are comfortable in them and that they support your foot and ankle properly.